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Does Kylian Mbappe really want to stay in PSG?

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Kylian Mbappe saga

From what we can sense Kylian Mbappe would be very much frustrated with the amount of speculation targeted towards him, The 23-year -old has had a very hard time after rejecting Real Madrid in the summers.

Recently, various media outlets pointed out that the PSG superstar is seemingly upset with the club's hierarchy about the promises they made to him, which ultimately upset him asking to leave Parisian in January.

Just months after signing the mega bumper deal with PSG, Mbappe has asked for a transfer from the club.

Honestly, Everyone could have seen this coming with the reported bust-up with the club hierarchy and the way Mbappe had been portrayed in the media as a selfish and arrogant kid has harmed his fair share of reputation.

Plying with superstars like Messi and Neymar might not be easy at all, as a small misplaced pass could be interpreted as a selfish move by the Frenchmen.

No to mention the power PSG provided to Mbappe during the summer transfer saga which made him the highest-paid player in world football,

Mbappe had been given sole power to direct and have his say in the sporting projects of the club, which means he could have a say in whom PSG could sign or would want to terminate the contract.

With these speculations we saw, PSG trying to sell Neymar in the Summer Transfer window but the Brazilian wasn't keen on moving as he seemed happy to stay in the French Capital. After some rumours in the media, we did come out to know it was initially Kylian Mbappe who wanted Neymar to be sold in the January transfer window.

The authenticity behind this rumour cannot be guaranteed, as many things do happen behind closed doors, these rumours started to gain momentum as Kylian Mbappe's style of play started to change, as he became more involved with the ball, tried to take the shots quickly without passing anyone.

Yes with the action came the reaction as Mbappe was criticised for his selfish way of play, and the statistics that Mbappe has produced 1 assist to Messi and Neymar this season further have ignited the selfish claim.

Kylian Mbappe might have seen him becoming a villain real quickly.

So with all these speculations and blame game of selfishness has come to a turning point, It came out exactly as a famous football Journalist confirmed that Kylian Mbappe has officially asked to leave the club.

The reason as said was told about the board was incompetent in fulfilling his promises, One of the main reasons might be Neymar, whose exit was desperately wanted by the Frenchman.

it was also speculated that Kylian Mbappe heavily wanted Tchouameni from AS Monaco to be done which failed due to Tchouameni picking Madrid against PSG.

with Messi in the team, it might be difficult for a 23-yeard-old to take charge of the team, hence now he might have considered everything into play about his future,

Seeing his dear friend Karim Benzema win his first Balon Do'r Mbappe might have ignited his hope to get out of PSG even more.




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