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El Classico, Liverpool vs Manchester City, Manchester United News.

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Today was a day of big games in European football as Manchester United played against Newcastle, followed by football's greatest rivalry, i.e. El Classico where Barcelona and Real Madrid locked horns. At last, it was another derby from EPL as Liverpool played Manchester City at Anfield.

El Classico:

Expectations were high from fans of both sides. But unfortunately, Barcelona was handed a 3-1 defeat by Real Madrid at Bernabeu. Real Madrid went ahead by 2 Goals from Karim Benzema and Federico Valverde in the 1st half.

After many attempts Ferran Torrespilled one back for Barcelona, but in the additional time substitute, Rodrygo was brought down inside the penalty area. Rodrygo converted the penalty to seal a 3-1 victory. Talking about the game style Barcelona played possession football and Madrid on the break and counter was lethal.

Scoreline- Real Madrid 3-1 Barcelona

Liverpool vs Manchester City:

At present this is considered to be one of the most entertaining Derbys of EPL and European Football. Liverpool pulled out a huge upset of the season by defeating City by 1-0. Given the bad start to the season for Liverpool and an excellent run of City,

Pep's side started as the favorite to win the contest today. City had Lion's share of possession and was the better side in overall statistics, but the 76' Goal by Salah took Liverpool past City in this match.

Scoreline - Liverpool 1-0 Manchester City.

Manchester United vs Newcastle United:

Both the Premier League side could pull out a 0-0 draw. In the first half, Newcastle came closest to scoring when Joalinton hit the woodwork 2 times consecutively. United was denied a controversial penalty in 57 min when Sancho was tackled inside the penalty area.

Overall in the game, Newcastle was pressing hard inside United's half and quite a few missed passes by United in both their own and the opposition's half really put United in danger of conceding quite a few times, but Newcastle failed to score.

In the 2nd half United was the better side as they had opportunities to play possession football in Newcastle's half and United could maintain a high defense line. That does not mean Newcastle was only sitting back and defending. They were playing counter-attacking football and threatened United's Goal quite a few times. In the end, Rashford and Fred got 2 golden opportunities but on both occasions, they placed the ball inches away from the net.

Manchester United 0-0 Newcastle United.


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