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Manchester City - Top 5 Reasons Why City can win against Real Madrid in UCL semi-finals this Time.

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

will manchester city win agaisnt madrid?

Pep Guardiola has done wonders with Manchester City, They have dominated the Premier League for a couple of years with only Liverpool giving them a serious fight for the Premier League title.

However, in Europe Pep's team has not been able to show its capabilities as it came very close to winning it in 2021 only to be defeated by Chelsea.

However, this time they are playing RealMadir in the Semi-final as they once again came agonizingly close to one more Champions League final only to be shattered by Might Madrid in the 2021-22 season. But this season might be something else for City Here are 5 reasons Manchester City can win against Real Madrid

  • Different Team this time

This Manchester City team is way different from the team that featured against Real Madrid during their 2021-22 Champions League Semi-Final, This Manchester City team seems to be more mature than any Manchester City Squad of all time.

Pep Guardiola seems to have built a team with very high morale, He let go of seemingly unhappy players and he seemed 'unfit' for the dressing room.

Pep Guardiola is known for letting go of unhappy players. Manchester City saw the departure of Joao Cancelo, Fernandinho this time Instead of Cancelo Pep has favoured Akanji on the full-backs.

Also letting of other key players like Gabrial Jesus, and Zinchenko to Arsenal. This departure seems to have been fit for Manchester City as they have bought in players like Erling Haaland who is breaking records upon records in the Manchester City Shirt.

With rejuvenated players, this Manchester City looks forward to lifting the most prestigious title in Club Football.

  • Soaking up the pressure

If you have followed the Premier League closely this season then Manchester City was able to close down a five-point deficit to Arsenal who were leading the title race. manchester City has come very close to Arsenal in this title fight.

Thanks to that never giving up the attitude of Manchester City, If they can produce that same amount of energy in that European night against Madrid then there is no saying that Manchester City cannot perform miracles.

This City side also looks to play very well under pressure. Again during their crunching title-deciding fixture against Arsenal in the Etihad, City showed why they were crowned the Champions as they were able to score past 4 against Arsenal who were their main rivals this season.

  • Erling Haaland

No doubt the most brilliant singing ever done by Manchester City in this century might be the signing of Erling Haalnad. The Norwegian has already broken various Premier League records transforming himself into the status of the Premier League great's just in one season.

Erling Haaland has not given Pep Guardiola any chance to complain this season as he has been a force to reckon with regarding his scoring ability.

Team Haaland perfectly fits into players like Kevin De Brune, Bernardo Silva, and Gundoan always finding him to score goals. Manchester City lacked that previous season with Jesus Gabriel's inconsistent form Manchester City was unable to rely on a number 9.

Not this season tho as quality players like Kevin De Brune will now understand that through balls provided by them would not go to waste.

A big strong striker is just what Pep needed to complete his already incredible team.

  • Desire for revenge

Manchester City would be rooting to get revenge against Madrid for their agonizing last-minute disqualification in the Bernabeu, However, this time around the second fixture is set to be played at the Etihad Stadium.

This feeling of agonizing defeat was captured last season as experience always matters in these fixtures and City knows Real Madrid has an upper hand when it comes to experience in the Champions League.

However, this revenge target seems to be collective as the whole of the team feels the same feeling. As in the case of Mohammed Salah's revenge against Madrid it seemed like a more personal and individual matter.

In City's case, this might be a feeling the whole team shares, which makes it more dangerous for Real Madrid to contain an attack that consists of Erling Haaland.

  • Confident Boost for the treble

Manchester City has a huge boost when it comes to confidence. As race with Arsenal for the Premier League title seems to be over as they were able to beat Arsenal with a 4-1 thumping denting their title hopes.

Also, the manner in which they did mattered the most as they were 5 points behind Arsenal to overcome that deficit must have given a huge boost to Pep's team.

Also, City has a final set-up with Manchester United which could see them lift the FA Cup. Winning the FA Cup with Premier League and Champions League might be the ultimate goal for Pep Guardiola as he has resources at his helm to achieve this feat.

One thing that also might give a boost to Pep's team is that Eder Militao of Real Madrid will be missing the crucial game due to suspension. Eder Militao has been very crucial for Madrid this season without his sure Carlo Ancelotti will be experimenting with his team which can be advantageous for Manchester City.



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