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Naorem Roshan Singh: The Prolific Indian Left Full Back.

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

With the revolution in football in the 1st half of the 21st century, side-backs came to be known as full-backs with additional roles on their shoulder from attacking to buildup, sometimes making overlapping runs at the wing to tucking inside so that numbers in midfield can be increased.

Naorem Roshan Singh

Nowadays even a new " False Full Back" role has emerged, quite similar to "False 9". We traditionally knew the creative role was for No. 10 at the heart of attacking third, but nowadays, many coaches assign those creative roles to fullbacks. These are the kinds of revolution we are observing in football.

"Look at the Heat Map of Left Full Back, how they run throughout the wing"

Naorem Roshan Singh - Amazing Prospect

The concept of full-backs came into European Football much earlier in the 21st Century but in Indian Football it is a more recent phenomenon. Only recently kids in academies are being trained to play the full-back role. Naorem Roshan Singh is one such amazing prospect in the left full-back role for Indian Football.

In terms of options, the best-left full-backs India has got are Roshan Singh, Akash Mishra, Subhasish Bose & Vignesh. All 4 play in ISL. But Roshan Singh a lad hailing from Manipur has caught my eye in recent days. Akash Mishra is good and has represented the National Team more recently but his ball control is not that great while running with the ball.

On the other hand, Roshan has got good ball control and pace, his crosses are sharp and he has got the ability to cut in with his right foot on the ball. Roshan Singh should be the starter for the National Team in upcoming National Team games but he may miss out on the Tri-Nation Friendlies because his side Bengaluru FC is in the ISL finals.

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Previously the Indian National Team Coach has used him on the Right side but observing him I felt he is much more lethal on the left-hand side, in his original position making those quick runs, creating spaces, doing buildups, and putting sharp crosses into the opponent's box. In the future, we may see some brilliant attacks from the left wing of India through the legs of this lad.


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