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Predicting who might win EPL out of Arsenal, Liverpool and Man City 

This year has been a blast when it comes to the Premier League, three different teams are going head to head for the glory and we are loving it, If you are a neutral fan then this might go on until the last tick of the clock for 38th game so just hold tight and observe as we predict who might win the Premier League this season. 

As it stands the three teams are separated by a couple of points between them Arsenal thrashed Chelsea 5-0 and Liverpool is to play against Everton also Man City is yet to play against West Brom. 

The motivational factor in winning the EPL

The first thing we take into account is motivation, On a motivational and commitment basis Arsenal has yet to win the Premier League after that Invincible season of 2002 which plays a significant part in getting the players motivated in the dressing room they also have a chance to create history as they have the most youngest squad in the Premier League. 

For Liverpool it’s the final year for Jurgen Klopp with the squad, With many trophies won and conquered this season becomes extra meaningful for Liverpool. This might be the prime factor on the minds of Liverpool players whenever they are on the field to give their boss a trophy-laden farewell.

With Manchester City they are out of the ultimate competition they are always rooting for, the Champions League Pep Guardiola might be summoning the best motivational speech form that Champions League exit for City players to crush it in the Premier League 

So these factors play a role. 1. Arsenal winning the Premier League after 2002

2. Jurgen Klopp’s last season with Liverpool

3. Manchester City’s Champions League Exit.

Team Strength 

If you are talking about team strength then there is no doubt Manchester City is above the current squad of Liverpool and Arsenal, Pep has built that super-team for City But given there is no injury Manchester City has been dominant and they also have experience to come from the dead as you might have noticed at the start of the season Manchester City always seems to be lost either drawing or not playing but as the season goes on City has come up on the top.

So this is a preservance that should be noted as the situation is currently the same, City sits at 3rd with a game in hand, they can bounce back any time. 

So Who will win the Premier League - City, Arsenal or Liverpool? 

The question about who will win EPL this season is a bit hard but I will Go with Manchester City as they have a game in hand. Also, they have experience in these situations, like we saw the previous season when Arsenal was comfortable winning games. Suddenly they blew their chance while City cruised past Arsenal to win the title. 

Liverpool and Arsenal have a history of cracking under pressure when it comes to business matchday and surely the pressure that City is generating at the bottom of the third position is huge as the team in the first and second becomes the one to play the matches first. The city can see this and adapt to the style. 

Final Bet Manchester City to win this season's Premier League. 



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