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Real Madrid Defend their La Liga Title

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Real Madrid defend their title

This year Real Madrid again, Real Madrid is off to a flying start, they have been the best performing team ut there in La Liga with Barcelona, With Barcelona spending very heavily this summer it comes as no surprise that Barcelona has shown some Improvement.

This time around the previous season Barcelona was nowhere, where they are in this year's competition, Real Madrid's only challenger being Athletico Madrid.

But this year A renewed and fresh Barcelona brings a fresh threat to Real Madrid's title hopes this season, With El Classico's win in their bag Real Madrid, should not step their foot down from accelator, What if they lose against other teams?, the win against Barcelona would become absolute invalid.

well, confidence might be boosting high in the Real Madrid camp as they have recently won against Elche, what really mattered might not be the win but the team's performance in the win.

Real Madrid could have scored more goals against Elche had it not been for many disallowed goals, Karim Benzema could have scored Httrick straight after winning the precious Balon Do'r.

Win against Barcelona has to only given them a significant boost in confidence but also needs pressure had been taken off the Champion's shoulders, Right from the start of the season Pundits did predict that spending in Catalonia might see them competing for various titles, Undoubedtly bringing in world-class players would also bring in high expectation, but as we saw against Real Madrid it is quite understandable that there is quite a work to do in that Barcelona squad.

There have been rising players in the Real Madrid squad, we saw previously Vinicius has come out in sparkling form during the major 2022 season, Vinicius turning that Left-Wing posing into his own backyard. Just Like that this season Real Madrid not only seems to have Vinicius but also Valverde.

The Uruguayan has been performing very well this season and already have scored 5 goals, and these are no ordinary goals, these goals carry value and some of them have been absolute bangers.

There is no doubt this Real Madrid team has a perfect balance of Young and old collaborating into making football seem easy.

They have young talented players woven around the core experienced players, A perfect recipe for success, players like Luka Modric, Toni Kroos, and Karim Benzema being the main experienced and core players in this, Madrid team they have been very good role models for young players like Camavinga, Tchoaumeni, Valverde, Vinicius, Rodrigo.

Player development under these experienced players has enabled them to deploy the right tactics for the team whenever required, For example, based on Vinicius' game Real Madrid can easily counter down the wings, or if they want they can even dominate possession in the midfield which will ultimately be helped by Karim as he is a Center-Forwards who loves dropping deep and take the balls from the midfielders.

These players bring diverse playing styles, and they can play in any style how the manager wants them to play.

Players like Valverde have a very unique character, He can play anywhere in the given field, He can play in Attack, Midfield, and evening Defence as Right-Back, and have excelled in these positions.

these might again come down to the management of these players as Real Madrid has very organized compared o other clubs, they don't give huge salary contracts straight away, If Real Madrid sees them be fit enough then the contract is awarded.

Like Vinicius Junior was provided with the bare lowest salary in the team, After Vinicius proved to be worthy enough of a contract with a high salary Real Madrid provided him with one. This very integration in players of putting the club first than any earning possibilities from the contract has been the key to Real Madrid's success.



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