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Real Madrid is to play a friendly El Classico with Barcelona. - What do we expect?

real madrid vs barcelona

Real Madrid and Barcelona will be going head to head against each other in a friendly match in the United States. We know both the teams will be looking to win the Classico but there is no pressure on either side for the win as these games don't matter too much or does it?

What to expect from Barcelona?

Barcelona has had a worst start to their pre-season as the whole squad suffered stomach problems. They had to cancel their game against Juventus leaving many of the attending fans disappointed that meant Barcelona started their pre-season Arsenal.

Arsenal managed to thrash Barca 5-3 as they cruised past the La Liga Champions. However Arsenal had started their pre-season games much before Barcelona.

After just one game from Arsenal, Barcelona are bound to face Real Madrid. As many people have suggested that there are no friendlies between Real Madrid and Barca we might see some action-packed game. There is no doubt about the intensity of the match as players of both sides has vigorously commented about playing against each other.

This also comes as a chance for Xavi to test their new formation and signings. A chance to show youngsters that they can perform under heavy pressure.

What can we expect from Real Madrid?

Real Madrid has been the ultimate opposition of Barcelona for a long time as they both meet to challenge each other there might be some tactical changes Carlo Ancelotti might consider against mighty Barcelona.

Firstly Real Madrid has a slight advantage going into the game as they have played out more games their rivals in this pre-season friendly. Their win against AC Milan and Manchester United might give them a formidable boost.

Real Madrid have signed a bucket load of players this season their star signing Jude Bellingham has been excellent for Real Madrid in their recent games scoring a chip goal against Manchester United. Kylian Mbappe too has been heavily liked with Real Madrid this season as the Frenchman has dropped a bombshell agasint his own club.



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