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Top 3 Destinations For Kylian Mbappe, Real Madrid might not be the option for Mbappe anymore.

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Top three destination for PSG player Kylian Mbappe

With reports coming in of Kylian Mbappe's request to leave PSG, Mbappe finds himself in a very muddy situation where his next destinations might be limited. With the huge opportunity, he had for signing for Real Madrid back in the summer might not be an option again as the French Club refused to negotiate with the Spanish giants, There might only be three clubs Kylian might end up in.


Liverpool has been granted a huge opportunity in signing the Frenchmen, Liverpool looks like a valid option for Kylian as his mother is also a huge fan of the English Club and PSG has no issue negotiating with the English outfit Kylian.

The only problem that stands in the way of Kylian Mbappe signing for Liverpool might be his salary and his price tag. PSG has reportedly valued Mbappe at more than €200 Million.

With PSG renewing his contract with an amount of €300 Million The french Club would not be asking less than €200 Million for their prized asset, Even if Liverpool somehow manages to pay off the initial price, Mbappe's contract and his high salary might be a huge issue for Liverpool in the future.

As Liverpool themselves are struggling to cope with poor form this season, the departure of Mane has hit the team very badly. Liverpool might be desperately looking to bring in a player who can be a game-changer like Mance and Mbappe fits in the shoe very perfectly.

liverpool was also his second choice during the famous Mbappe-Madrid saga.

With Kylian Mbappe also being a huge fan of Jurgen Klopp the Frechman could surely adapt to his tactics very quickly. Haaland vs Nunez could turn into Haaland vs Mbappe.

liverpool Line-Up with Mbappe

Mbappe could easily fit in Jurgen Klopp's plan as the Left-Wing position has been opened since the departure of Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich, With Mbappe playing on the Left, Nunez/Firmino as the Striker and Mohammed salah on the right Liverpool could have strong Attacking force once again.


Yes, Chelsea, with Todd Boehly at the helm Chelsea also looks to get in the business of big spenders once again, with their former owner Abramovic gone, Bohely is looking to rejuvenate Chelsea with a star signing.

Todd Bohely famously sacked Thomas Tuchel for not sharing the ideas with him, the idea as various media outlets reported to be the signing of Ronaldo from Manchester United, Tuchel didn't share the idea of working with Ronaldo which ultimately led to his sacking.

Mbappe might be the same case, With Grahman potter at the helm of the Head Coach, Todd Bohely could just splash in some millions for the Frenchman.

Given the saga we saw with Tuchel, Potter just has to go with whatever Bohely will have to do and as matter of fact having Kylian Mbappe in the team might not be a huge issue for Potter.

Chelsea signed Tiago Silva and Tuchel from PSG, a transfer they might be very thankful for winning the Champions League with Chelsea which he couldn't do with PSG, Mbappe might also look at this when considering Chelsea.

Todd Bohely and Chelsea do have the resources to go in all for Kylian Mbappe in January. but it is up to Mbappe if he joins the Premier League outfit or not

Chelsea could easily line up with Kylian Mabppe as the sole striker upfront. currently, Chelsea is lacking the firepower up in the front with the signing of Sterling this summer Chelseas have sorted out their Left-wing problem, but they still lack that natural striker. With Aubameyang up in front, this season Mbappe can easily adapt to the role on the left or even replace Aubameuyng in the Starting Line-Up.

With Kai Hevertz playing up in the Front Mbappe can easily take his position as a striker with Kai playing on the Right or in the Midfield.

Manchester City

Apart from Real Madrid, only Manchester City could pull this off. The dream real Madrid had last summer might come true at the Etihad. mancheter has bought in Haaland from Dortmund who has been the talisman so far for Manchester City, However that Left-Wing spot in Manchester City is still under question.

Manchester City can easily meet the Price tag for Kylian Mbappe having spent more than 1 Billion for pep Guardiola to build his current Manchester City side. The salary also might not be a problem as Manchester City aren't in any financial difficulties like Barca so it might be a perfect fit for Mbappe.

Manchester City has might resource to sign in Mbappe as they signed Haaland for a mere 60 Million from Dortmund.

Mbappe might also be open to joining City as right now City looks like a force to reckon with their main objective is to win the Champions League and for that, they might initiate the project Mbappe considering Mbappe too has a similar objective.

Manchester City also has that Left-Wing position opened due to the departure of Raheem Sterling to Chelsea, currently taken by Jack Grealish The Left-Wing position is the natural position of Mbappe He would be more than happy to take that position in City, With Haaland as the striker Manchester City can be a brute force in Premier League and the Champions League.

Under Pep Guardiola Haaland upfront as a striker and Mbappe as Left Winger could create havoc in the Champions League, premier Leauge might be up for the bag too pretty quickly.



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