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Top 3 reasons why Argentina could win the world cup in 2022

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

1. Reduced Dependency on Messi

We can surely make the stark difference with the Argentina team which featured back in the 2018 World Cup, that team was all about Messi they seem to have no game plan, the only game plan they had was to pass it to Messi and pray.

Whereas the Argentina team which won the Copa America in 2021 was the complete opposite, It was more organized, planned and most importantly disciplined.

How many times did we see his teammates passing to him in the final third, Every time Argentina needed creativity they looked for Messi, Although Messi is among the best players in world football, even for him to carry that team seemed to be a mountainous task.

The team under Lionel Scaloni seemed to address that particular problem, with now forwards thinking on their own and not just trying to find Messi with every ball possible.

The team under Lionel Scaloni looks much more balanced in terms of the game plan, Even now with Messi being the main part of the team, They don't look for miracles from him in every game.

Messi’s charismatic form during his national duties can be proof of it, Now Messi knows exactly what to expect from his teammates, He knows they will not squander chances or just bluntly pass him when possible not necessarily.

2. Team Bondings and Determination

Team bonding has been top-notch for the Argentines, Off the field, Lionel Messi has been the official leading figure in the dressing room, and his influence has resulted in a positive outlook for the team.

The nature of this Argentina team looks very calm and composed with smiles all around the training camp and events. They seem to be bound by a sense of Brotherhood rather than a sense of just teammates.

It is good for the team's atmosphere but also the chemistry in the team. They seem to connect more beautifully now than before.

Argentina not winning the World Cup for so many years might have an impact on this Argentina team, This historical Argentinian team not winning major trophies in International football was seen as an embarrassment.

They might look into this matter more seriously than ever, Argentina has a good team this year compared to their previous campaign for the World Cup.

They know this year might be a great chance to win the prestigious World Cup.

3. Their Head Coach Scaloni

Scaloni has changed this team into a world-class one, Honestly, on paper, this Argentina team looks average in comparison to other top European teams, Apart from Argentina's attacker's team consists of players who are yet to make any major advancement in the football world.

But Scaloni has managed to convert this team into a superstar team, If we look closely Argentina doesn't have that big name midfielders or Defenders, Their top midfielders are Leonardo Parades and Lo Celso, Rodri De Paul, How many of these players could start for a team like France and Germany?

There seems to be mistrust among the players about Scoloni during the first half of the spell, but things have gone pretty well after their initial mistrust has faded.

Even with the lack of quality, Scaloni has been able to get the most out of this Argentine team.

Their victory against Italy in Finalismma in 2021 is a perfect example of how this team have developed since 2019,

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Jul 24, 2023

Hmm, I do think Argentina's appointment of Scaloni was blessing in disguise

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