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Top 5 Reasons why Real Madrid can win 2023 Champions League

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

We have witnessed that era where Real Madrid completed the most historic Champions League campaign by beating the likes of PSG, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool. Out of the four matches, three matches were comeback wins.

Can Real Madrid repeat the same charisma going into the Champions League this season?

The only team which can do it is Real Madrid Madrid these are the top 5 reasons Why Real will win the Champions League this season.

5. Vinicius

The Pacey young Brazilian winner has become a prince in Santiago Bernabeu, with his amazing season of 2021-2022 Vinicius has raised to the position among the world's best in his position.

Initially criticized and trolled for his finishing qualities in front of goal, Vinicius has worked hard to work on his finish, now under Carlo Ancelloti Vinicius has become a monster down that left wing.

He takes on defenders on one vs one, cuts inside, makes runs, and makes the crosses. Everything a manager would ask from his forward, he has been lethal in front of Goal and his partnership with Karim Benzema has proved to be a blessing to that Real Madrid attack.

Being just 22 years old Vinicius can become the world's best and it might just be the beginning of an illustrious career to come for the Brazilian.

He was crucial in the Champions League for Real Madrid in their historic 2022 season. not only securing the Champions League but also securing the La Liga title.

4. Thibaut Courtois

Goalkeepers are often looked down upon when it comes to best team performance Thibaut Courtois is the best example of it, the goalie has an amazing 2022 season coming from a harsh trophyless 2021 season, Courtois for many games was the saviour of Real Madrid.

Often criticised for some of his mistakes Courtois didn't get the praise he deserved, as he made crucial saves against arguably the best teams in the world Saving that crucial Messi penalty was somewhat downplayed by pundits claiming Messi missing it, not Coutuis saving it.

His saves were thoroughly discounted as being lucky, or even when the whole team won against a top-tier team the Real Madrid team were deemed lucky.

Thibaut would once again be crucial for Real Madrid this season as he looks to gain the same momentum as he left in 2022.

3. Karim Benzema

No doubt Karim Benzema would be the leading man in that Real Madrid dressing room. He is the most seniormost player in that dressing room, his presence will surely weigh the club's younger players.

He was the main man behind the success Real Madrid enjoyed in their 2022 season scoring very important goals against the biggest teams in world football.

His contribution in the knockout matches of the Champions leagues was the most amazing of individual performances. He scored goals against Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain, and Chelsea somehow completing comebacks after the team had fallen behind.

Karim Benzema was there when the team needed him the most, being the most decisive centre forward in 2022. His traits didn't only include scoring goals but he contributed to making those goals. As we have seen Benzema is not a centrally focused Center Forward who would sit in the box and wait for the ball to be played in. Instead, he likes to move freely on the pitch making him the prime target of defenders. He is Number ( with a heart of Number 10.

Karim Benzema can still carry forward that trait which saw his meteoric rise in 2022 in 2023 also

2. Midfield

After the departure of a key figure like Carlos Casemiro, Real has the deadly duo of Toni Kroos and Luka Modric, both still at the very top of their footballing prowess. Early on in the season, a breakthrough move of Casemiro to Manchester United was initiated which saw Real Madrid losing one of the most crucial figures in recent history.

But to contemplate with that loss Real Madrid had invested in young blood, Signing Players like Tchoumeni from AS Monaco or signing Eduardo Camavinga last year have made a signing impact on the future of Real Madrid's midfield.

Real Madrid has the deadliest midfield across Europe, Experience and talent two of the deadliest combination in world football had been achieved by Real Madrid.

Experience of players like Luka Modric and Toni Kroos guiding players like Camavinga, Valverde, and Tchoumeni. It's not just the sharing of experience that matters it is also about sharing that monster mentality that real Madrid is credited to have.

The system Real Madrid works in gives great opportunities for that mentality to grow in the young players. With Players like Madrid guiding the younger generation Real Madrid's midfield looks dangerous and in safe hands.

1. Santiago Bernabeu

Santiago Bernabeu had been wild during their 2022 campaign, It's a fortress ready to unleash. the feeling itself is static. It was the home crowd which helped Real Madrid so many times in crucial times during the Champions League game.

Against games like PSG< Chelse, Manchester City the home crows made a significant in the team's performance giving them that extra boost against the opponents.

Not just for teams But also for opposition Bernabau creates an environment which pressurizes the opposition team to such a level, that the performance is somewhat compromised.

Loing is one thing Losing at home is another. and Santiago Bernabeu would not take lightly if their team's performance is not what it's expected so players get that extra push playing for the home crowd.

For Real Madrid it had been a fortress the last season, The energy it derived from this crowd surely made a difference.


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