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Why did Neymar leave Barcelona?

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

In World Football, there might been a few transfers that have a big impact such as Neymar leaving Barcelona. The Brazilian sensational move to Paris Saint-Germain(PSG) was met with shock and awe, leaving fans and pundits wondering why he chose to part ways with one of the most illustrious clubs in world football, not only that but the very foundation was built by three South American front three of Messi, Neymar and Suarez. An attack that Europe feared.

Did Neymar leave Barcelona because of Money?

At the heart of Neymar's departure were the buzzing transfer fees of $222 Million and a colossal financial offer from PSG. The Qatari-owned club broke the world record fee by a mile. Additionally, Neymar's salary package reportedly included unprecedented wages and lucrative endorsement deals, making it an offer too enticing to refuse.

Very few can argue that Neymar's decision to leave wasn't financially motivated. Barcelona too pocketed a huge amount of money from his sales.

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Did Neymar leave Barcelona because of a rift with management?

Rumours of a strained relationship between Neymar and the Barcelona hierarchy began circulating before the transfer materialized. Reports suggested that the player was disheartened with certain aspects of the club's sporting direction.

One aspect that might have added is that Neymar's transfer from Santos was suspicious, there was an ongoing legal battle going on about how much actually was paid for Neymar, and the Spanish tax authorities had not stopped chasing even after the completion of the transfer fees, Barcelona faced the accusation of tax fraud related to the player's transfer from Santos to Barcelona in 2013. The legal situation further clouded the already controversial transfer saga.

Did Neymar Leave Barcelona because of Messi?

While at Barcelona, Neymar was undeniably part of that South American trio, alongside Messi and Luis Suarez, often referred to as MSN. Despite the success of numerous titles won together, some speculated that Neymar yearned to be the main focal point of the team, rather than sharing the spotlight with Messi. The move to PSG presented an opportunity for him to become an undisputed star and the leader of the squad, a prospect that undoubtedly appealed to his ambitions.

To understand this very clearly, One needs to understand the situation Barcelona was in at that time. Back in the 2017 Champions League, the match between PSG and Barcelona was the one where it all might start, After all hopes were lost it was Neymar's crucial free-kick in the dying minutes that gave the edge to Barcelona it was also Neymar's final overhead ball that Roberto converted into that winning goal.

There were many reports after the match that Neymar particularly was not happy as the main credits all went to Lionel Messi. Many interpreted that because Neymar had always been in Messi's shadow in most of his career and to get out of that shadow he might have taken that decision.

Some of the former players have also expressed their opinion on this matter like Jeremy Mathieu

Neymar's return to Barcelona?

Neymar was adamant about returning to Barcelona in the summer of 2023-24 season after his horrible stint in Paris. Many news outlets also reported that Xavi was the main reason Neymar didn't return to the Catalonian club.

Neymar has constantly surrounded himself with controversies regarding his commitment to hs game, and his frequent injuries during the crucial matches for PSG have not gone well with the fans, Constantly booed and disrespected Neymar has finally left Paris and now has joined the Saudi Club Al-Hilal.

His stint in Europe might be over for now, But Neymar will be remembered as the talent and the part of that dangerous front three of Messi, and Suarez for years to come.



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