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Atletico Madrid vs Real Madrid What can we Expect?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

The history these two teams possess is ridiculous the two top teams from Spanish top Flight Real Madrid particularly would be looking to increase their winning form in La Liga, Whenever these two heavy giants have collided, The cracker Champions League Final we had when these two met in the competition. But this occasion would be particularly interesting to watch because of the controversies which have happened off the field. The fixtures are highly troublesome given both the club's history, It is always expected that Madrid Derby is a very high-intensity game with tempers flying from both ends. Recently, Cristiano Ronaldo had been Atletico's arch nemesis, defeating them quite frequent occasions, and also being a Real Madrid legend doesn't help at all, The biggest recent win Atletico has registered against Real Madrid is that thrashing of 7-3 during the pre-season friendlies before the start of 2020 season. Atletico also managed to win the UEFA cup when both faced each other during the 2019 UEFA cup final with a margin of 4-1.

However, Real Madrid has been the most successful team out of both winning both the Champions League in 2014 and 2016, especially in 2014, When Sergio Ramos equalized with his iconic header in the dying minutes of the game. This Derby this season might be the most controversial of all because of the turn of events which had occurred off the field when one of the Real Madrid player Vinicius was the target of Racist comments from Spanish Agents President Pedro Bravo, calling him out for his celebration. This incident has again bought out the underlying racism in Europe. Many top Players have come out in support of Vinicius asking him to not stop dancing and calling him to enjoy football while playing.

Vinicius had been excellent for Real Madrid in the 2021 season, with him on the Flanks Real Madrid managed to win the Champions League and La Liga title with a historic performance under Carlo Ancelotti. Comments coming from Athelitico's Koke have caused a significant stir off the field also commenting on Vinicius dancing celebrations, given the irony of Atlelitico's Griezmann's fortnight Dance celebrated frequently done by Griezmann. Real Madrid has come out in support of Vinicius against the racist remark with legal action against Pedro Bravo.

Whereas this might signal a very high intensity when the derby kicks off, Real Madrid players specially Vinicius would be desperate to shut their haters off with a goal and celebrate by a dance along with his teammates.


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