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Top 5 players to watch during the world cup

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

World Cup 2022

5. Vinicius Jr

The Brazilian had been fantastic for Real Madrid during their historic Champions League and La Liga campaign, often criticized for his finishing abilities, Vinicius have worked hard to prove just how much lethal he is inside that box.

Not only that Vinicius is virtually very young only being age 21, but Vinicius has the deadliest pace and can easily outpace defenders down the flank.

He is a team player, During the start of his career with Real Madrid, Vinicius has improved his game to a great extent where previously he would try to beat as many defenders as possible now he looks mature enough to make a decision to either pass or play.

His breakthrough 2022 season saw him getting nominated for the Balon D'Or at the age of 21. When played correctly Vinicius can do significant damage to the opposition team.

4. Kylian Mbappe.

Kylian Mbappe has blown on the international stage, Winning the 2018 World Cup at the age of 19, he has introduced himself to the world.

Mbappe was mesmerising in the 2018 World Cup His work rate at that right flank was very essential for the team, Given his young age, his pace was the deadliest of all.

But fast forward four years now, Kylian Mbappe is not just about pace but he has developed in every field possible, he has the characteristics of a deadly Attacker. He is not only about pace, his vision, his passing, his runs ariel duels, playmaking everything has improved.

Mbappe arguably would be amongst the top 3 players in the world right now.

With enough experience on his bag, Mbappe would like to repeat the same success he had in the 2018 World Cup. Still being very young Mbappe would also look forward to breaking many World Cup records, even the likes of winning the World Cup back to back.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

With his performance, this year for Manchester United Many would argue that even is it possible for Ronaldo to crack into that Portugal National team.

But the fact remains Portugal's National team is a whole different thing than Manchester United, their plays, and their style suit Ronaldo much better than Man United, Coach Fernando Santos would be looking to gear up his prized national asset.

Given Ronaldo's poor run in Manchester United Shirt, and his actions to break away from the team to join a Champions league playing team would also play a significant impact on his performance.

He can see World Cup as a redeeming chance where he could forget the miseries with Manchester United and go for the International glory.

A chance of not playing in the Champions League and rejection from many top clubs might have hurt Ronaldo deeply, therefore this World Cup might be the perfect chance to show that he still has enough in his tank.

And Portugal this year quite has a deadly team at least on paper, with the likes of Bernardo Silva, Jao Cancelo, Pepe, Bruno Fernandes, Rafael Leo etc, Surely this Portugal team and Ronaldo can give him his World Cup glory.

2. Neymar.

Well, this might be Neymar's last chance at winning a WorldCup. We know

much extra motivated he is going onto this season, In a recent interview he even confessed that he was at the best level now compared to any other season, and this is the season that everything is going in, headers, kicks, everything.

After joining PSG Neymar have a rough patch in his career, he was frequently injured for PSG during their toughest time.

Neymar became injury prone after his 2017 season which had become a real obstacle in his development. Even though he managed to reach the Champions League Final with PSG in 2020, it was not enough for the glory and also because of the simultaneous rise of Kylian Mbappe.

With Messi's arrival in Paris, Neymar seems to have found feet again, We are seeing the same connectivity Neymar had with Messi during those Barca days.

He looks much more dangerous on the ball now, confidently beating defenders, Neymar with OPen's arm has embarrassed the play-making role with his age catching him up, and the burst of pace seems to be fading. Now he has adapted more to the central role than his preferred wide wing role.

Neymar has been the absolute best this season for PSG, scoring goals, Making assists, and helping the team in every way possible, Neymar looks so mature as he might also be targeting the World Cup with Brazil as an ultimate goal.

1. Messi.

Messi had been the most motivated player on the International stage, fresh with the historic win in Copa America 2021 with Argentina, also a remarkable win against Italy in that Finalissma would surely boost his confidence.

He gave a stellar performance in that win against Italy. Lifting his second International trophy.

Messi would be very hungry to lift that World Cup for Argentina in Qatar after coming so agonizingly close to the glory in 2014 only losing to Germany in extra-time.

This World cup might be a different story with Messi at his best during the World Cup, he has been an absolute beast for PSG he might be using PSG for getting to his absolute best at the time of the World cup.

These Argentine players have such a much closer relationship with Lionel Messi making them not just team-mates but also developing that brotherly relationship among each other. This helps in achieving team bonding which is very essential for team chemistry on the field.

That extra motivation also might come given this might be his last ever World Cup, so he wants to give in everything possible to achieve the target of winning the World Cup.

Argentina also has veteran players like Angel-Di Maria, who would surely be looking to lift that World cup alongside his teammate Lionel Messi.



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