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What now for Manchester City after their Liverpool defeat?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Manchester City

With their game against Liverpool looking to accumulate all three points from Manchester City and they did, thanks to Mohammed Salah's wonderful goal, City might have thought the same coming into the weekend to strike Liverpool when they were at their weakest.

However Liverpool managed to score past Ederson during the second half, the goal beautifully dispatched by Allison over the top for salah.

Going into the fixture surely Manchester City were the favourites not only because of their recent forms in the games but also because of their main man Ering Haaland, We discussed how important Haaland can be for Manchester City and how marking Haaland could help Liverpool win this tie.

Virgil Van Dijk arguably had the most decent nights in this career against Haaland, he was successful in pocketing an Inform Norwegian striker for the game which made City's Attacking play a bit dull.

Also with the successful marking of Keven De Bruyne Liverpool has done a fantastic job in holding onto that Liverpool Midfield.

Manchester now sits 2nd on the table with Arsenal leading t title race, with Arsenal winning in their game against Leeds united, it might come as a morale shock for Pep Guardiola's side. Arsenal has been looking very bright this season their season has had a dream start, but Guardiol's men were expected to top the table also because of their dominance but also because Liverpool their nearest rival was suffering.

It was a possession game for the City, as City looked to hold the ball maintain Possession and penetrate the defence line, Liverpool was happy to sit back and soak up the pressure, and when the break came Liverpool scored.

Jao Cancelo also ended a rough night as Salah blasted past behind him with his trickery leading to the only goal scored in the match.

With the controversy still surrounding VAR for the disallowed goal against Liverpool, It makes no doubt that the Atcakers against Liverpool were not at their very best.

Premier League still has a long way to go With City suffering their first defeat they can take this motivation to be ruthless against other teams in the League, Arsenal to has lost a game against Manchester United, so it does make the win-lose rate equal.



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